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 Tell the CRTC: All Canadians Deserve Faster, Cheaper Internet Service

Big Telecom giants plan to keep you locked into some of the most expensive Internet services in the industrialized world. 1,2,3,4

They're trying to convince the government that Canadians are OK with their slow, costly services, and our huge digital divide. It's not fair: we deserve the same service as similar countries.

Time to set the record straight. In April 2016, a historic CRTC hearing will shape the future of Canada’s Internet. Join tens of thousands of Canadians and endorse our letter below NOW to demand affordable, world-class broadband Internet for all Canadians and we'll make sure your voice is heard:5

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Dear Commissioners,

Universal access in Canada must be defined to include affordable, world-class broadband Internet for 100% of the population.

This access must have upload and download speeds and quality on par with our international counterparts. Canada’s goals are currently much slower than other industrialized countries. The U.S. recently defined broadband at 25 megabits per second down, and 3 megabits per seconds up. Our targets should be at least this ambitious.

The CRTC should also prioritize new mechanisms for achieving these goals, including special opportunities for non-incumbent ISPs, municipalities, community access programs and non-profit service providers to deliver services to Canadians.

A successful strategy will ensure that all Canadians have affordable, next-generation service. All telecom providers must provide this minimal level of connectivity everywhere they can at a reasonable price.

I acknowledge that my comments and information will form part of the public record for this proceeding including on the CRTC website. I do not wish to appear at the hearing in relation to this submission. I ask that this submission be granted the same weight as that of any other party.

Thank you.

[Your Name Here]

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Want to learn more about the CRTC's Review of basic telecommunication services consultation? Check out our blog on the story so far here.

Enough is enough. We deserve better. Our current digital strategy is a joke by international standards, and leaves Canadians in the slow lane.6

Tens of thousands of Canadians have already told the CRTC and Innovation minister Navdeep Bains to take a stand for greater choice and affordability in Canada’s telecom market.7 Now we need to take this historic opportunity to speak out.

We already pay some of the highest telecom prices in the industrialized world and StatsCan have just confirmed that mobile phone bills jumped 7.6% in one year.8

Last year, the Big Three actually threatened to provide “reduced service quality” if decision makers tried to make things better.9

And, get this: after a year long campaign to preserve Net Neutrality, Bell targeted a single mother, a senior citizens’ org, and a university student in their court case to win back the power to make competing mobile apps and video services more expensive.10

Everyone should be able to choose the services that work for them, instead of being trapped in ridiculously expensive plans imposed by Big Telecom's blocking tactics – or being forced to buy their outdated TV offerings to access online content.11

Send a clear message that we refuse to let these arrogant telecom giants keep us trapped in slow and expensive Internet any longer. We need to Unblock Canada NOW.


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