Cell Phone Freedom Day

June 3 is Cell Phone Freedom Day


  Unblock Canada From Big Telecom's Control

Right now, Big Telecom giants want the power to block you from indie ISPs,1 new mobile phone companies,2 and independent video services like Netflix.3

They're even are taking Canadians to court to make the Internet more like cable TV.4

This is outrageous and we won’t stand for it. Tell decision-makers: Don’t let Big Telecom mess with the net. It’s time to Unblock Canada today.5

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Tell the Big Three that you’re free!

Click one (or all!) of the buttons below to generate a Tweet targeted at Bell, Rogers, and Telus, letting them and the world know you’re free.


Feeling Mistreated? Here's a Toolkit for Mistreated Mobile Phone Customers


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[1] We delivered your voices. Now, will the CRTC listen? Source: OpenMedia.

[2] CRTC hears Canada’s Big Three telecoms distorting market by charging small rivals exorbitant rates. Source: Financial Post.

[3] Bell Mobility Accused Of 800% Markup On Netflix In CRTC Complaint. Source: Huffington Post.

[4] Bell wants to appeal CRTC net neutrality decision on mobile TV app. Source: CBC

[5] Here’s what we’ll send to Industry Minister James Moore and the CRTC: “Decision-makers should take measures to stop Big Telecom companies from blocking Canadians from accessing independent and more affordable services. This means ensuring net neutrality, and pursuing fair open access policies that allow a diverse range of affordable new services to flourish in a decentralized market place. It’s time to build a more connected Canada so our country can prosper in the 21st century.”



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