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  Tell Decision-Makers In Your Own Words Why We Need Faster, Cheaper Internet

Big Telecom giants plan to use a crucial government hearing to block you from faster, cheaper Internet services.1,2 But we have a chance to change this.

Right now, you can speak directly to decision-makers at this historic hearing. Counter Big Telecom’s spin by explaining in your own words why all Canadians need faster, cheaper Internet now.

Add your comment below, and we’ll make sure your voice is heard at the CRTC hearing. But hurry, we're building our case against Big Telecom right now and need your input ASAP to make it stronger.4

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Be sure to personalize your letter and write in your voice.
Here are points for you to consider:

  • We pay some of the highest prices in the industrialized world for Internet services.

  • Universal access must be defined to include affordable, world-class broadband Internet for 100% of the population.

  • The U.S. recently defined broadband at 25 Mbps download, and 3 Mbps upload. Our targets should be at least this ambitious.

  • Funds should not be used to further subsidize Canada’s Big Telecom companies.

  • We should prioritize new funding opportunities for non-incumbent ISPs, municipalities, community access programs and non-profit providers to sell broadband services.    

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By taking action here I acknowledge that my comments and information will form part of the public record for this proceeding including on the CRTC website. I do not wish to appear at the hearing in relation to this submission. I ask that this submission be granted the same weight as that of any other party

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[1] Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134-1. Source: CRTC.

[2] Canada’s historic chance to be the fastest team on the ice. Source.

[3] For example, broadband prices for speeds over 15 Mbps cost 64% more in Canada than in the U.K. Learn more here.

[4] Add your comment now, and we’ll make sure it becomes a crucial part of this historic hearing.



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